• Julien Drouin

    Author, coach, actor.

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    • Coach for artists.


    • Coach for future artists.

    For those who dream of singing, dancing or acting but are "stuck".


    • Author and actor of the play : "Superdiplomate mais je me soigne" (more info).

  • Artist coaching

    Managing stage fright and anxiety: Artists who perform in front of an audience may experience stage fright and anxiety before and during their performances. Emotional coaching helps artists release their emotions and have fun on stage.

    Authentic emotional expression: Emotional coaching helps artists to express their emotions authentically, making their performances more convincing and touching.

    Emotional communication with the audience: Artists need to be able to communicate their emotions to the audience in a powerful way. Emotional coaching helps create deeper connections with audiences.

    Dealing with success and failure: Ups and downs are an integral part of an artistic career. Emotional coaching helps artists manage success and failure, maintain their passion and persevere despite challenges.

    Resilience in the face of criticism: Artists are often exposed to criticism and rejection, which can have an impact on their self-esteem. Emotional coaching can boost their self-confidence and help them deal constructively with setbacks.



    In short, emotional coaching enables artists to improve their performance, deepen their understanding of human emotions and better manage the emotional aspects of their careers, which can lead to richer, more rewarding artistic achievements.



    Julien Drouin uses 4th wave therapies to free the artist from unconscious blocks (emotions, beliefs).




    "Bring in the artists !"


    Coaching takes place by visio only.